How long does one have to wait for a passport?

By | April 9, 2021

The government of the United States usually processes passport applications between 3 to 6 weeks after you’ve sent off the application. We recommend you to apply for your US passport in low travel seasons, like winter or fall.

However, you can get the digital photo for your US passport on our website in no time!

US passport fees

Depending on the age of the applicant and type of passport (card or book) the prices differ. However, for the adults over 16:

  • Passport Book costs $110 for a DS-11 application and $35 for execution (acceptance fee)
  • the Passport Card costs $30 for application and $35 for execution
  • Passport book and card cost $140 for application fee and $35 execution fee. 

Passports for minors are cheaper but the execution in all cases costs the same $35 where the application fee is $80 for a book or $15 for a card. The price for a book and card costs $95.

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